What to Expect when Expecting

No. This is definitely not a pregnancy announcement as I’m sure the title might have eluded too but rather a look into some of the pit falls we may come across when it comes to un managed expectations.


Regard (someone) as likely to do or be something.

The older I get, the more self aware I feel I have become and I’m sure most of us would agree. We have crafted specific expectations that we’ve placed on God and individuals sometimes unbeknown to them (guilty party here) assuming that you are on the same page and even heading in the same direction.

I believe that through shared experiences we start to create, I wouldn’t say un-realist expectations because our expectations can in fact be quite reasonable and others may also share in your assumptions of how the story is supposed to go but the spanner that always gets in the mix occurs when communication is poor/non existent and the other individual falls victim to being the source of that unmet expectation.

Expectation vs reality can sometimes be hard to wrap our heads around as we can spend some much time building hopes and dreams around what we believed our expected reality would be that the reality of a thing can be a wrecking ball to the one we built on assumptions and unspoken needs and wants.


A strong belief that something will happen or be the case.

Have I been knocked down? Yes, you darn skippy I have and several times at that however, in this life I’ve come to the understanding that sometimes we need those moments to throw us off the fictional path we’ve paved for ourselves and get us back on track with the tools we gathered from those sometimes hurtful experiences.

I’ve been in situations where I expected to be ‘chosen’ but soon realised I wasn’t even an option (harsh but true statement, wake up and smell the house burning around you sis, let it/them go). In life, I believe it is important to know where you are and where you stand and to let your voice be heard (your yes or no) and your presence felt (good or bad, please be good) don’t let desperation speak for you potentially putting you in compromising positions.

“I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.”

― Bruce Lee

In conclusion, have those hard or awkward conversations in an effort to be better communicators and avoid those pit falls of unmet/unmanaged expectations. Send a text, type it/write it out and read it if you have to but let’s be honest about what we want, who we want and how we want them to show up in our lives.

Much Love

FF x



4 thoughts on “What to Expect when Expecting”

  1. Sooo super happy that you’re bbaaacckkk!!! Missed ya in this space. 🤗 (virtual hug)

    I can co-sign this x100! I have been learning that letting people know your expectation and being in agreement on that is so important. This issue comes in when you don’t know the expectations that you have because they are unconscious and not taking time to step back and process things adequately leads to heartbreak. Intentionality is such an important part of adulting 😓

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  2. Love this post sis! I struggle in this area as sometimes it’s easier not to share your expectations with others… that way they can’t let you down- not knowingly anyway lol!

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the next one xxx


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