I’m just being honest.

Hi everybody, well I don’t even know if anyone reads this apart from my sister but hi anyway. So thus far, with this blog I’ve shared thoughts that have helped me to see myself and certain situations in a better light, giving examples from time to time hoping that by sharing this new insight I have received it will allow us to grow together.

So in the spirit of being honest it’s been pretty rough of late mentally, trying to get myself to a place where I’m focusing my energy inwardly, in an attempt to make myself better. For 5 years or maybe even longer now I think about it, I’ve been so consumed with trying to find my husband trying to mould self to fit certain guys or come off a certain way to get their attention when in reality if they wanted to spend time with you, talk to you, just get to know you in general believe me they’d make it happen. It’s only now that I’ve come to a place where I value myself enough to say enough is enough and to gather my emotional bag, shake everything out and get to sorting through some of the extra baggage I’ve collected over the years such as regret, low self esteem, fear of rejection etc.

I’m grateful to God for allowing me to get to this point in my life where I can make these changes whilst I’m young, learn to let go of past/present hurt and really live my life to make him happy and that in turn will ultimately make me happy.

I could go on but if you’re reading this and you’ve experienced similar feelings and just can’t seem to let go here’s a few thoughts that have allowed me to finally being to wake up to myself and learn to live and love the life that I have right now.

  1. What or whom are you holding onto? Are they worth the hurt and damage you’re doing to yourself internally/emotionally?
  2. By holding onto something too tight you end up hurting yourself and the person. What or who is in your hands?
  3. What value do they add to your life? Write a list and see how far you get with it.
  4. What if you invested the same time you do in him/her in yourself? What would you do with that time?
  5. What is God saying about your current situationship?
  6. Are you compromising yourself by allowing this person/thing into your mental and emotional space.

Just a few things to think about as we’re at roughly the half way mark in the year. It’s not too late to put yourself first. Trust me, I know it’s super hard to let go of someone/something you believe could benefit you in the long run, but when you do after a while (I’ll be honest you don’t feel so good right away) you will start to see things more clearly.

I believe that when I put God first he will add all things to my life and grant me the desires of my heart according to his perfect will. I believe that I will be loved in return. I believe that his grace is new every morning and I can take advantage of it. I believe that I no longer have to live in the past because my future looks so much better. I believe that I’m worthy of love and worth loving. I’m a believer. – FemaleFramexoxo

Much Love

FemaleFrame x


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